About Us

We are a company with family values that is concerned for the environment and the sustainability of our planet. We bring to you a product that is second to none in quality and performance with a durability level that gives our pallet a life span longer than any other. This pallet gives a multi-use option to any industry with local or worldwide shipping needs. With no heat treating or Methyl Bromide use, our products complies with ISPM 15.  It also allows for a lower initial cost. We produce incredible savings in LTL (less than truckload) and airfreight. With less weight per pallet space in a truckload, more product per truck equals less trucks on the road, saving fuel and increasing productivity. We at AmeriGreen care about your company, our community, this great nation, and of course our planet. We want our national resources to be around for your family and ours for generations to come!


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